Shopping Center LED Screen

Where The LED Screen Used in Shopping Centre/Supermarket/Retail

Find the right place in your shopping centre/supermarket/retail to install the LED screen

Outdoor Advertising Walls in Shopping Malls

1) Advertising, to attract customers to enter the door:

Outdoor LED display quality delicate color, with different text, pictures, video forms to display advertising, to attract people into the mall, while making more brands are willing to fund the advertising display on the LED display, thereby improving the commercial revenue, win-win.

Central Mall Lobby

1) One of the best places for advertising:

Every shopper can see the place; an LED display screen with high-definition, detailed, colorful features will advertise vividly, which greatly attracts the shopper’s desire to buy, guide shoppers to enter the store consumption.

2) Dynamic content update fast:

LED display and Internet connection can update the actual data at any time, such as shopping mall preferential activities, security, advertising, way-finding, etc

Shopping Mall Activity Center: Flexible LED Display/Curve LED Display

1) Experience profoundly and attract traffic:

The flexibility of flat, curved, and wrap-around technology allows designers to create more content than a regular LED screen, a profound experience that customers experience unlike any other and attracts large numbers of people.

2) Motivate travelers to buy:

Flexible LED displays   can be easily changed to market content based on season, holiday, and event themes to motivate travelers to buy.

Shopping Activity Center: Rental LED Display

1) Flexible application scenarios:

Using LED rental screens that are easy to install and dismantle, businesses can choose flexible application sites, such as shopping malls, shopping malls, indoor centers, etc.

2) Attract customers and stimulate consumption:

LED display screens can freely switch background and play video characteristics. It can ignite the atmosphere to achieve the value of the expected value of the business.

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